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Since 1995 ROWE has stood for high-quality lubricants "Made in Germany". ROWE provides a full range of products which are available in more than 80 countries.

The factory in Worms, which was opened in 2014, is one of the most modern lubricants plants in Europe. It was designed and built with sustainability in mind. This can be seen in the more than 65 km of "dedicated lines" which are each used exclusively for a specific product - this saves the environment countless flushing cycles.

Boilers are located indoors so waste heat is used to heat the halls and also for production processes. We generate a significant part of our electricity from renewable energies for example through photovoltaic systems.

We compensate for all non-preventable emissions by supporting sustainability projects certified according to the recognised Gold Standard. Our containers are made from 50 percent of recycled material.

In addition, they are produced in the vicinity of our production, thus eliminating long transports.

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