Tom boonen enters the BRC with PartsPoint

At the end of February, Tom Boonen and co-driver Erwin Mombaerts set off on the 2024 Belgian Rally Championship (BRC). A week before the start of the rally season, their Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 was already on display at the TECH360 centre in Zonhoven. With the support of PartsPoint, NAPA Racing and PTR (Pieter Tsjoen’s team), Boonen & co are aiming high and are even dreaming of a podium finish.

Toussaint Industry: your partner in parts and after-sales service of high-quality cleaning installations

Toussaint Industry exists for almost 40 years and specialises in parts and service (after-sales service) of cleaning installations since 2006. Through our brand Ticwash, we are importers of self carwash installations and also official importers of Ceccato gantry machines.

AutoTechnica is up and running!

Servicing up to 230,000,000 km/day

SERMI (Security Related Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information) is the manufacturers' response to the European Union's request to replace all anti-theft certifications with a universal certificate.

Independent repairers of cars, bodywork and motorhomes will need this certificate after 1 April 2024 to be authorised to modify and program all parts related to theft prevention.

The SPOA3TS-EH2-EV Rotary 2-post lift, an even more comfortable and flexible way of lifting electric vehicles, among others.

The innovative low-profile arms and rotating Terminal offer incredible flexibility of use, making it possible to lift all types of vehicle.

Technolit is bringing a rust converter onto the market

With its Epoxy rust converter, Technolit is launching an essential product that every bodywork workshop should have. A conventional rust remover simply removes the rust; the material then has to be primed before being painted or varnished.

Mini-seminar of TERSANA and GENERAL EQUIPMENTS: How to solve and prevent soil contamination?

All workshops have to get a mandatory soil test done sooner rather than later. This is a time that garage owners do not look forward to, and often anxiously await the result.

The versatile MAROLOTEST Cross-Lift 1500 CX

The MAROLOTEST Cross-Lift 1500 CX is a versatile hydraulic scissor lift designed to work at a comfortable height on all kinds of three- and four-wheeled vehicles such as Spyders®, ATVs, SSVs and microcars.

The Schumacher FLASHMEM series is a range of professional electric chargers combining high performance, ease of use and compact dimensions.

The range comprises 3 products generating 60, 100 and 120 A respectively. FLASHMEM chargers are used by garages as a stabilised power source for diagnostic and programming work.

Eco-Expert, TRAXIO's quality label

Eco-Expert emphasises the importance of regular maintenance to extend vehicle life and ensure optimal performance. With proper measurements, problems can be detected and solved early, reducing the likelihood of high emissions and breakdowns.